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Please keep this packet with you during your home-buying process. There are pages that contain important phone numbers and dates and areas for notes to help you stay organized. So let s take an exciting journey together I look forward to meeting your real estate needs every step of the way Ken Snyder Real Estate Consulting Keller Williams Realty 617 861 3635 Ken KenSnyderHomes. com www. KenSnyderHomes. com TABLE OF CONTENTS ABOUT KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY ABOUT MY TEAM WHY YOU NEED A REALTOR...
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Applause Music Applause Music how you doing Andrew I'm doing good good to see ya I'm glad we finally got a chance to get together yeah how's your day been it's been good um yeah you know I'm glad we're here at Starbucks I'm really thirsty yeah yeah well how about this how about I go ahead and grab your drink what do you like a venti pipe with cream venti pikelet cream yeah okay here you go thank you so much I like my third cup of coffee is it yeah okay I drink coffee like all day but I'm trying not to drink any right now okay it's all good okay cool okay well so yeah so I got your information from Cheryl inch and she said that you may be interested in buying a house so I'm glad that we got a chance to get together because what I want to do today is just kind of go over the home buying process and you know what goes on really kind of see where you're at your thoughts and everything so that you can actually plan to purchase a home so that's kind of why we're here does that sound okay uh yeah I think so perfect well I won't take up too much of your time we'll probably just be 15 minutes or so okay pretty quick yeah I have a nice little presentation here for you yeah well you know I know some people are like visual people so instead of just talking to you but let me just warn you it is gonna be a little bit of information that we go over and you may not remember it all okay um so one cool thing about me is I have like videos for every step of the process and so videos a long way sweet but the first thing that I want to get into is to buy or not to buy really because I like to get a sense of kind of where your head is you know why do you want to purchase a home right now or why are you thinking about it right now kind of kind of what's going on in your situation well I've been renting for you know pretty much quite some time now and I've been in Dallas um and I rent so high is it yeah well you know I'm in a one bedroom in my rent per month like 1850 oh and Dallas right breathe baby you know I'm in Uptown oh I see well no no I love oh yeah no I live there as well yeah you can get kind of pricey yeah dude all right red in Uptown are you a um I met the gables okay yeah you know exactly where that yeah yeah how long you been there about two years now two years okay yeah I mean they've built so much around there you know it's very nice though it's really good but I mean I wanted to buy a house because I saw something online mm-hmm the difference between like buying and renting right right um and I thought gosh if I'm paying this much in rent what does it look like and that and that's really why I wanted to meet just to see kind of like how the process is but also how much it cost me for sure for sure yeah well the money is important but I mean the fact that you are renting and that you're thinking about buying it it tells a lot about you you know this...
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